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Sierra Ice Cream Company was founded in 2015, and started operations in 2016 as the first and only Ice Cream factory in Sierra Leone. Mostly renowned for its brand BOMBA, the company delivers high quality products using top of the art machines and the best ingredients you can find to satisfy each family member through a wide variety of items, spanning from the Ice Lolly to the Crunchy Cone and the Family Packs. In 2017, Sierra Ice Cream Company launched a new line of dairy products that includes set yogurt, Greek yogurt and flavored yogurt. The continuous expansion meant the introduction of our frozen yogurt in 2018 called BOMBA Yogo, and the BOMBA Ice Pops. In essence, we strive to put a smile on your face!

Sierra Ice Cream Factory is located in Wellington Industrial Estate, Wellington – over 3,400 m² (Warehousing units, Production area and offices), employing 24 full time workers, more than 100 casuals and 7 expats.

Most of the distribution and sales operations are done through more than 100 push carts and 3 tricycles going around Freetown. These numbers are always increasing. Plus you can find our products in most supermarkets of Freetown. As for the provinces, plans are being prepared to reach them very soon. Our vehicles consist of 3 freezer vans and 3 cargo vans for supply of goods and merchandise all over Sierra Leone.