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Commodities Trading Company

On yearly basis, CTC is the largest importer of Rice (about 150,000 MT +/-) and sugar (about 20,000 MT +/-) in SierraLeone.

CTC have about 60% rice market share and we always ensure that we have the highest quality of rice in each type. As a company’s policy due to our market share, we always hold buffer stocks of rice in our warehouses to help avoid shortages of major rice types in the country. Moreover, we locally package higher quality rice and sugar (such as Thai Hom Mali rice, European sugar etc) and we further hope to start packaging local rice (Sierra Leonean) in few years when it is better milled and the moisture level is reduced to a point that allow us to package it and safely store it for long periods.

Furthermore, CTC has approximately 85% sugar market share and we provide one of the highest quality white sugar imported from European, Argentina, Brazil and Guatemala. We always ensure that our customers receive a clean, well reserved dry sugar.

In reference to exports, we export high quality Organic/Utz certified Cocoa beans and Robusta Coffee beans to Theobroma – Amsterdam. We are also working on various certification programs to further enhance our cocoa/coffee quality standards and maintain our good/close relationship with our local farmers.

CTC comprise of One hundred and five (105) full time staff, over two hundred (200) casual staff and eighteen (18) expats. Moving to our fleet of vehicles, we deliver all our rice in town (Freetown) with the help of our fleet of vehicles which is composed of 5 x 40’ trailers and 20 trucks. As for our customers in the provinces, they usually come and pick up their goods directly from our warehouses. We also deliver our own re-packaged rice directly to the supermarkets and local dealers with our delivery vans.

In order to improve and minimize the cost of the rice on the consumers, our company invested in four state-of-the-art rice bagging machines, which can bag up to 2,500 mts per working day of 10 hours and thereby, minimizing overhead charges and leading to cost reduction. These machines are mobile and can be transported all over the country to bag local crop. It is important to note that Sierra Leone is the only country in the western coast that owns such machines.

CTC is the sole agent of Louis-Dreyfus Commodities in Sierra Leone whom are one of the largest private company that deals with commodities in the world. It is also important to note that CTC has always been supporting the local government in their strive toward development in the country and has been contributing in various nation building events such as sport, education programs through scholarships etc.