About Us

Halloway Group was founded in 1988 by Aref and Nasri Halloway in Freetown, Sierra Leone. We are dedicated to being one of the largest contributors to the country’s economy by trading agricultural commodities and building materials.

Our employees include over 250 Sierra Leoneans, and we hire between 200 and 500 daily workers. We are strengthening our commitment to national prosperity by establishing a scholarship program to support employees’ children who plan to continue their education.

We hold a promise to provide the highest quality products with ethical, environment-friendly practices. We are devoted to ensuring a safe working environment to our employees.

+/- 120 000 Mts
Rice Imports
+/- 20 000 Mts
Sugar Imports
+/- 3 000 Mts
Cocoa Exports
Full Time Staff
200 - 500
Daily Staff
70 vehicules
Group Fleet

Executive Board

Senior Management

Contact Us

Halloway Group Headquarters
3 Wallace Johnson Street
PO BOX 239, Sierra Leone

+232 22 228835
+232 22 227179